Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Climatus Interruptus...

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise have been my focus since 2007.

Yes, they're real.

Everything else, why, how, what next, what to do, how bad, etc., is pure speculation.

Planet Earth is warming toward the poles.

This is causing ice caps to melt and oceans to warm.

The consensus is becoming, "We did it".

Our excessive use of Carbon fuels has altered Earth's atmosphere.

Humanity's success has come with a price.

It's time to stop dithering over Climate Change, and learn to live with it.

The billionaire class intends to make more billions in defiance of Climate Change.

Right now, we have The Donald and his cohorts around the world promising us a period of enormous growth.

Oil and Coal will be consumed in vast quantities. 

It will be a burst of Carbon fueled, atmosphere fouling, wealth and opportunity.

They don't care.

A bunch of old guys, who will be dead before the worst cases of environmental abuse take full effect, need not be concerned about the future.

They did not become the billionaire class by giving a rat's ass about you, me, or anyone else.

Damn the future, full speed ahead! 

Gratification awaits!

Bring on the chocolate cake.

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