Thursday, May 18, 2017


As you proceed, you will come across a lot about Climate Change and The Climate Crisis.

The subject is rife with doubt and confusion, here's my take.

First of all, the term itself, Climate Change, is a poor choice.

Earth's climate has been changing regularly since long before there was us.

This is about changes to our niche, combined with the fear and doubt of 'is it our fault, and what can we do?'.

So let's start off by calling it such.

This is a niche altering event.

Niche Change is the term I prefer.

The next point is to confront the man-made v. natural occurrence part.

This can be solved by simply realizing that We Are Nature.

The whole concept of man-made v. natural is ridiculous.

What we do on Planet Earth is as much a part of the natural course of events as the Sunrise.

Our behavior, smart, dumb, good, bad, or otherwise, is natural, and it seems that our most enduring natural tendency is to take until it's used up and move on.

All of a sudden, we have been hit with the notion that there's no place else to go.

We have fouled our own nest.

The greener pastures are disappearing.

We've over consumed, messed up the environment, and it's way too late to stop.

Bad for us.

These actions have little or no effect on Planet Earth.

She withstood much worse, long before we arrived.

This is about us, not The Planet.

So we better get together and start taking better care of Our Niche.

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