Friday, May 12, 2017


This image was created in '08.

The FRONTIER aspect was based on our dawning environmental awareness.

In my fantasy, we learned from the hoopla over Climate Change, and began the process of adjusting and adapting to alternatives.

What actually happened is that a bunch of old billionaires seized power and forged ahead with no concerns for the long term ramifications of environmental abuse.

The worst events on the climate horizon won't happen until the billionaires are in their tombs, leaving only a collective legacy of abuse.

Full steam ahead, no restrictions, one last hurrah for the old rich guys and their blindly inconsiderate ways.

The participants became billionaires by using and abusing anything and everything to the point of diminishing returns.

Why stop now?

The Future will take care of itself.

It always does.
FRONTIER USA has taken on a much different meaning than I originally intended, but, it's the only frontier out there.

Seize it.

We are there.

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