Thursday, July 6, 2017


Definition…a vain or conceited person, especially one who dresses or behaves extravagantly.

Meet DJ Trump...

Picture Poppin J Trumpalooka, Hip Hop DJ, rockin’ and boppin’ along.

He’s on roller skates, dressed in a clown suit like Bozo or Ronald McDonald, making his way around a Walmart parking lot.

His rainbow patterned, spandex unitard, topped with a flouncing pink neck ruffle, is a stunning sight to behold.

My vision is of Tweedledum or Tweedle Dee, morphed with one of those Joe Palooka punching bag dolls that wobble on a rounded base.

Sometimes down, but never out, Trumpalooka always pops back up.

The Joe Palooka blow up doll image is better if you see it as way over inflated, ready to burst at the slightest pinprick.

Let yourself imagine Trump’s existing hairdo, styled like Bozo, and returned to the orange color he sported for so long, before switching to the more presidential ash blonde tone currently in use.

His huge Boom Box features a TV screen.

Trumpalooka never misses anything.

Too bad ol’ Rodney Dangerfield is gone.

“Trumpalooka”...starring Rodney Dangerfield as POTUS.

Talk about a comedy blockbuster.

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