Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chapter One...

Sweet Sis...

Ya know, stealing the money was one thing.

Stealing Ma's last days from her grandchildren, and great grandchildren, then stealing their money was inconceivably vile and despicable.

Of course members of your immediate bunch got theirs by acting as your 'agents', according to scumbag #1, Atty. Clint Muche.

It's too complicated to go into right now, but Muche claimed Sweet Sis's 'agents' had the right to grab whatever they could get their hands on.

The damn fool lawyer actually sent me emails declaring such.

Go figger!

Then think about The Maggot's infamous gunplay.

Sweet Sis needed all the help she could get in her nefarious endeavor, and the scumbags lined up to get their share.

You've met scumbag #1, Muche.

We'll encounter him again.

Today I want you to meet Joseph Sano, Esq., Lynn, Mass.

Joe's about 70, and, as he reminded me constantly, has 'forty years in the law'.

His forty years in the law taught him that when the opposition learns of your wife's passing. and makes contact saying I would move an upcoming event forward out of courtesy, you instantly run to court and try to force an order of possession, using my offer to postpone as evidence that I was stalling.

Read that again, and consider the state of mind in play to behave in such a manner.

He really needed a haircut and a new car.

I can't even describe the hairdo, but the car he drove, an older Japanese sedan, was such a piece of shit that he could have parked it running, with the doors open, and the neighborhood street kids would not have even bothered.

When I last saw Atty. Sano, he had a better haircut and a much nicer sedan.

All compliments of Doris M. Smyth, Deceased.

Scumbag number two tops scumbag number one in the long run.

The list goes on.

Sweet Sis went through lawyers like Donald Trump.

Before Muche and Sano got involved, there was Bill Delaney of Peabody, Mass.

Take note of Delaney's name whenever it comes up.

He's the key to this entire mess.

His role sets the tone for the whole scenario.

For starters, Delaney prepared Doris' Last Will in 2008.

In November, 2014, following the earliest discussions among family members about Doris' deteriorating mental condition, Sweet Sis arrived in Lynn for a short visit, during which time she ostensibly drove Doris around visiting family and friends, so people could assess her awareness level.

What Sweet Sis actually did was take Doris to her Primary Care Physician, get the first diagnosis of dementia, then take her to Delaney's office to try gaining control right then.

Delaney appears to have said no, it's never come out why or what else was decided, and Sweet Sis never told anyone about it.

When asked how she chose Delaney, Sweet Sis said, "I, found him in the phone book."

Fast forward to summer, 2016, Doris has been abducted to Florida, and I get mail from Delaney.

It's an Order To Quit the premises, via Sweet Sis and POA she had created in Florida.

Delaney, who has known since 2014 that Doris was diagnosed with dementia, is now evicting me with a document he knows cannot be valid.

I contacted him via email and pushed him on the incongruity of what he was doing.

He pushed back for a while but never filed any court papers.

That's when Muche appeared.

But let's stay with Delaney, because he is the entire key to justice being served here.

He knows for certain that Sweet Sis' motives were nefarious and that she created false documents to make her plan come true.

Delaney and I have communicated numerous times.

He hints at acknowledgement of the wrong he initiated, but refuses to say so, except under subpoena.

So, in a nutshell, this guy Bill Delaney, hiding behind his Attorney status, is willing to allow this travesty to play out when he knows the truth.

Here's the best part.

After all was said and done, he sat there with Doris' family and allowed the final disposition of her estate to fall to Sweet Sis on the basis of the bogus POA.

No shit!

One simple statement from Delaney and the entire scheme would be recognized as the crime it truly is.

And Sweet Sis would be getting fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

The Maggot is an American Indian, so he'll likely escape jail by fleeing to the reservation with the funds.

I wonder how Delaney can know all this and do nothing.

Must be something that dies inside after too much lawyering.

Speak up, Bill.

You know how to reach me.

Now, let's cut to the chase, May 4, 2015, the day Doris was abducted from her bed by Sweet Sis.

Sis had come to Lynn for what was supposed to be a visit and some family discussion about what to do.

It was the end of 'the worst winter in history', in early April Doris fell at the bottom of the back stairs after running down to see the kids across the street.

Doris had not being able to get out all winter.

She was so excited to see somebody different that she got down the stairs before anyone could slow her down.

Once on the bottom landing she collapsed like a rag doll.

The kids and their Mom were there as I checked to be sure Doris wasn't broken, she wasn't, so took her hand and lifted her to a standing position.

She looked at the kids and said, "I'm OK. Don't worry."

Then she forgot all about the fall and wondered aloud why she hurt so much.

I gave Doris her walker.

She went up the driveway and into the house on her own, brushing off any attempts at assistance or conversation.

Let's not forget that her dementia was in full swing by then, but she was still strong as a Mule and twice as stubborn.

The whole month between Doris' fall and Sweet Sis's arrival was spent in a lot of pain, which she could not understand.

Why do I hurt so much?

It did no good to tell her.

Drs. said nothing but Tylenol, anything stronger will knock her out and add to the confusion.

Sis arrived after a lot of commotion which confused Doris even more, she was a frightened wreck, and in steady physical pain when Sis arrived.

I mentioned it and told Sis that driving Doris around all day, jostling her in the car seat, getting her in and out, would be the worst possible thing to do.

They left and did exactly that for five hours.

Upon arriving back at the house, Sis gave Doris a pat on the back, said see ya for coffee in the morning, and left her in a state of terrified, pained confusion.

Upon leaving, Sis turned off her phone and became invisible for the rest of the day.

That night, Doris lost it completely, while Sweet Sis was unavailable for hours.

Many calls to family members finally resulted in Sweet Sis becoming aware of the situation.

I stepped away to the garage so there would be no confrontation with Sis when she arrived, leaving Doris on the phone with my brother Jeff for solace.

Sis and The Maggot arrived, saw the chaotic scene, and decided to kidnap Doris from her bed without telling me, admitted her to the hospital, lied to the intake people, had Doris drugged into submission, refusing to allow her own Dr. to see her for three days, in favor of a Hospitalist who had never seen Doris in her life, and set the abduction to Florida in motion.

There is one important point to bring up here.

The abduction led to the POA.

It was created in Florida without the knowledge of anyone but Sweet Sis and The Maggot until it was put to use stealing everything.

A 30 page document surrendering control to Sweet Sis and The Maggot was placed in front of Doris in a Florida lawyer's office, so she could sign her name.

Two associates signed off, saying Doris was competent to read, understand, and sign said papers.

Doris did not even know who they, or Sweet Sis were, had been diagnosed with dementia on four separate occasions by then, was steadily and constantly heavily medicated, and could not have read or understood the document on the best day of her life.

Go figger!

As the legal onslaught proceeded, I fought it to the point of setting a date in Probate Court to contest the POA.

One of the key issues was jurisdiction.

Sano stood in court and declared that Massachusetts courts had no jurisdiction because Doris was now a resident of Florida.

The Judge glared directly at the scumbag before her and said, "She's only a resident of Florida because your client 'took' her there.

Sano shut up as the Judge set dates for trial, in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, Sano pushed the aforementioned order of possession for Doris' home and I chose to leave before the Probate matter came to fruition.

I couldn't see trying to manage a court case from the homeless shelter.

Picture that.

Not only did Sis kidnap her own mother in order to drug her into submission and get her to sign a bogus document, she got her lawyer to try passing it off as the normal course of events.

"Oh, by the way, Doris has moved to Florida and is no longer under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts courts.", was their story and they were sticking to it.

I think the term is Malice Aforethought, meaning the scumbags planned it all from the beginning.

NOTE...this is just an outline...the full story will appear soon...setting the stage if you will...stay tuned...!